Faculty & Department

The innate strength of any educational institution is in its teachers. While Boscoss Pre-University College is a new institution, it can boast of well trained and highly experienced faculty who have spent decades in the area of Pre-University teaching. The faculty includes famous authors of Boscoss Publications and their experience in the field of teaching and training students for the board exams as well as competitive examinations would be of invaluable help to students. The faculty also attends to grooming the students’ character and inculcating values in them.


Mrs. T. Egithin Bosco
Chairperson, The Boscoss Educational Trust
Prof. S. S. Bosco
Executive Trustee, The Boscoss Educational Trust


Dr. Vijaya Kumari. MSc, M.Phil, Ph.D


Dr. K. Rajendra. MSc, Ph.D

Department of Biology

Soumya A. MSc
Shwetha. MSc

Department of Physics

Mr. Anil Mascarenhas. MSc
Mrs. Lavanya Madhusudan. MSc, B.Ed
Madhura S G. MSc
Mrs. Prathima. MSc, Bed
Mr. Raghavendra. M.Sc

Department of Chemistry

Mr. Raj Kiran. (Vice-Principal). MSc
Ms. Devishree. M.Sc
Dr. Sudarshan Shetty. M.Sc, Ph.D, KSET
Ms. Sandhya

Department of Mathematics

Prof. S. S. Bosco. MSc
Dr. Vijaya Kumari. MSc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Mr. Hariprasad V. N. MSc
Mrs. Supriya K. MSc, Bed
Mr. Manohar Raj Concessao. MSc, PGDCA, B.Ed
Dr. Raghavendra A. M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Department of Computer Science

Mr. Venkatesh K G. MCA

Department of Commerce

Mr. Sandeep Naik B. M.Com
Mr. Mohanakrishna Nambiar. M.A
Ms. Nishmitha Nivya Dsouza. M.Com, B.Ed

Department of Statistics

Mr. Sreekumar M. MSc

Language Department

Lecturer in Kannada
Mr. Ajith Kumar S. P. M.A, B.Ed
Lecturer in Hindi
Dr. Santhosh M Mascarenhas. M.A, Ph.D, B.Ed
Ms. Tulshi Ashok. M.A
Lecturer in English
Ms. Smitha. M.A
Ms. Divyadeep Shetty. M.A
Lecturer in Sanskrit
Dr. Surekha. M.A, Ph.D

Lab Assistants

Mr. Mahammad Rafeeq. Physics
Mr. Suman. Chemistry
Mr.Sathish. Biology


Ms. Preksha

Non-Teaching staff

Mrs. Shashikala
Ms. Swarna
Mr. Ram Kumar
Ms. Rohini N Devadiga
Mr. Lakshman
Ms. Yashoda K
Ms. Jyothi